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Want Mexican? Leon’s Has You Covered

June 21, 2012

Sure Saratoga may be abundant with Mexican restaurants, but there’s only one with an awesome website (have to visit it to understand). After doing some Ashley style research, Leon’s had hooked me and I had to go check it out.

The front door leads you to a large wrap around bar with high top tables and to the right is the full dining room. There are even some outdoor seats for those who enjoy the heat while enjoying a nice Mexican meal.

Before we arrived, my tequila loving friend and I decided to go after the margarita pitcher, which was undoubtedly flavorful and satisfying.

Cactus margarita glasses were pretty sweet.

The menu has SO many options, for those who love them some authentic Mexican food and for those who are generally afraid to try out of the ordinary dishes. Being a Food Network fanatic, I was drawn to the menu item Rachael Ray featured on an episode of “$40 Dollars a day” in Saratoga. The Burro Ranchero – a flour tortilla filled with chicken and rice, covered in ranchero sauce and melted cheese, along with a dollop of sour cream.

Pictures are also difficult when the lighting is low and there’s so much cheese but after that first bite, I went straight to flavor town. Rachael Ray definitely knew what she was talking about when she suggested this dish. Creamy, moist and full of flavor, you can’t go wrong with this menu choice. The cheese and ranchero sauce really topped it off, no pun intended! (haaaa…ha.)

My friend ordered some chicken chalupas, shown below:

The lettuce and tomatoes really took over the plate, you could barely even see the tortillas but let me just tell you… holy guacamole that guac was good.  Thanks to Alyssa for letting me try it, I would go back to Leon’s just for the guacamole!

I loved my margarita, I loved my meal and the atmosphere was super festive. How can you go wrong? Oh right, you can’t.

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