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Why The Local Won My Heart

February 24, 2013

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The Local has always been a gem in Saratoga Springs since it opened. Revitalizing Beekman Street was one thing, bringing an ambiance of great food, an amazing draught beer selection and a comfortable setting to an off-broadway location is another. I know I’ve reviewed The Local before and raved about their fish fry (which if you still haven’t tried, get on that), but I just recently discovered their brunch menu and it skyrocketed my feelings for The Local into outerspace.

I mentioned the Max London’s blood mary in a recent article and it was brought to my attention that I needed to visit The Local to try theirs. Once I watched the bartender make it, I already knew it was going to be good. This bloody mary was freshly muddled, it was full of spicy goodness and it goes down so so well on a Sunday morning, regardless of how much or how little you had to drink the night before. I must admit, this has become my new favorite spot for a good bloody mary in the area.

Bloody Mary

Moving right along, I now have to hone in on another newly found love that I’ve never experienced before. The new love of my life and enemy to my health: The Local’s Poutine Fries

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Before you say anything, I have been told that these aren’t the real deal due to the fact that The Local doesn’t use cheese curds as the traditional poutine fries do, but rather they just use shredded cheese. In my opinion, after eating these, I don’t really care either way because these tasted amazing. For those who don’t know what poutine is, it’s french fries, gravy and cheese on a plate. Think it’s gross? Think again! The best part is, the past three weekends I’ve been there for brunch, I’m not the only chump ordering poutine fries at 12pm on a Sunday. Almost EVERYONE else is too, which is comforting to me.

Finally, I love this place because the service is good, the people who go there seem to love it just as much as I do, and it’s a nice, bright and cheery way to start a Saturday or Sunday morning. Do you have a favorite breakfast or brunch place in town? Tell me about it by commenting below!

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