When Take-Out is the Only Option

April 9, 2019

Since my pup’s surgery, I’ve basically been on house arrest to make sure she doesn’t rip out her stitches. For those of you asking, she’s doing great! So glad we’re almost in the clear.

As much as I love cooking for myself, I can’t lie when I say I desperately miss going out to eat and having someone ELSE cook for me. Not that Tim doesn’t cook, but in this household, it’s my thing.

Anyway, the past two weeks have made me really think about take-out/delivery in a different way. A lot of time when we order take-out it’s last minute when we realize we don’t have anything in the house or we’re too lazy to make anything.

And I love that it’s an option.

But not all take-out is created equal. For some restaurants still using styrofoam containers, for me it almost makes the food not worthy of eating. There’s some food that just can’t handle the time between pick up and my couch.

What I’m wondering is which take-out foods would you consider at the top of the list for weathering the commute from restaurant to home, and which are just not even worthwhile?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Reply Michael T April 14, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    Dizzy sand Auggies are my favorite takeout, anything fried doesn’t handle the commute in mynopinion

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