Troy Kitchen is Bringing the Heat

March 16, 2016

troy kitchen

With Troy Kitchen‘s grand opening on Friday, March 18th, I thought it was relevant to share with you the inside scoop for what you can expect from the “food court” style business in Troy.

Sure, I know it’s a little drive down to Troy from Saratoga, but here are some of the reasons (and everything else you need to know) about the opening of Troy Kitchen:


  • Troy Kitchen is a Luxury Food Court that will feature 4 Restaurants, a Beer & Wine Bar, a Coffee Shop, a Bakery, and a Stage for Live Performances
  • Troy Kitchen will be open from 11am-11pm Monday through Thursday, 11am-2am Friday and Saturday, and 12-4pm for brunch parties on Sundays
  • Sfunday BOOZY BRUNCH Party’s will be happening every Sunday, with “mimosa pitchers, DJ Caroline Kurkowski, great food, and people dancing everywhere,” according to Facebook
  • Every Monday they’ll be hosting a comedy night, you know… to get you through those awful Monday Blues
  • The walls will be filled with murals from Troy artists, highlighting the talent they have locally
  • Food vendors can be there for no longer than 2 years. This one I found to be SUPER interesting. The goal is to find start-ups who are looking to get their feet wet in the restaurant industry, and after 2 years, if they want to operate their own business, the owner of Troy Kitchen will help them find a location and get started
  • Each individual restaurant needs to be unique. No repeats! (See below for more info)
  • Most menu items will be under $12
  • 6 beers and 6 wines on tap, all $6
  • Live music weekly featuring local performers

Pretty awesome lineup, right? I mean, this is certainly going to be the happening place during lunch hours and weekend nights in Troy, and I definitely can’t wait to make my way down more often to visit (and eat!)

Speaking of which, the restaurants that will be featured at Troy Kitchen are:

  • K-Plate (Korean BBQ)
  • Magdalena’s Menu (Mexican Restaurant)
  • Troy Lobster (Lobster, obvi)
  • Ramen Shop (TBD When they’ll be opening)

Just recently, Cory Nelson (the mastermind behind Troy Kitchen) announced that he’ll also be leaving space for “Troy Pop-Up”, 80 square feet of space tucked right beside the 4 restaurants in Troy Kitchen.

According to Facebook, “This is a call to all non food based retail entrepreneurs. If you have a passion to create a unique product and want to do a week long Pop Up Shop let me know so we can make cool happen.”

What I love about this entire concept and what Cory is doing is that he’s bringing life to Troy and providing opportunities to those who might not be courageous enough to go out on their own yet in the restaurant industry. That’s awesome.

Trust me, I’ve considered many times opening my own breakfast sandwich restaurant (because Saratoga is in DESPERATE NEED), but do I have the money? No. And do I have the time to work out the logistics? Hellllll no.

Troy Kitchen is giving people who are in that same boat the chance to try it out and see what it’s like working in the industry.

Anyway, there’s what I know. Oh, I also know that the lobster rolls are bomb-diggity. I tried them a few weeks ago. Lobster to roll ratio is on point.

Troy Lobster

Please stay tuned for more details and hopefully some of you will make your way to Troy this weekend to give Cory a warm welcome to the Capital Region!

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