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The Ultimate Afterparty at Comfort Kitchen

July 27, 2012

Tots, mac and cheese and cheeseburgers. These three menu options alone could keep me from fitting into my skinny jeans for the rest of eternity, but the fact that I don’t care should prove to you all how awesome this food really is.

The wonderful Rory Moran invited me and fellow local bloggers to come in after hours and try some of their most popular and loved menu items.

The evening started with several baskets of those beautiful tater tots that I’ve heard so much about. Each basket hosted a different type of sauce, ranging from barebeque to blue cheese and the coveted “awesome sauce”.

After the tots came the veggie burgers, a delicious patty of black beans, carrots, onions, zucchini, panko and mexican seasonings topped with sliced avocado, chipotle sauce and pickled onions.

I must admit, I’m not big on veggie burgers. In fact, I’ve never once tried a veggie burger that I’ve liked… until now. This patty changed my life, in a very good way. The blend of flavors and meatiness of the actual burger made you totally forget that it wasn’t real meat and after eating it I didn’t feel like garbage about myself. It was definitely a win/win situation for me.

Next up for comfort: Mac and cheese done two ways. On the left you will see the pulled pork mac and cheese and to the left is the four cheese mac and cheese.

Naturally, I tried both. The pulled pork mac and cheese really couldn’t be beat, although the four cheese blend was a close call. The best part about Comfort Kitchen’s mac and cheese is that they prepare it by order. That means rather than making a whole tray in the morning and reheating portions all day, they make individual portions for each person who comes in and orders it. That alone deserves 5 stars.

And then came the cheeseburgers…

Something I love about Comfort Kitchen and chef Rory is that every meal he makes has a story behind it. For example, these scrumptious cheeseburgers are made daily in skillets, which is how his mother used to make them. The texture the skillet creates on the outside of the burger is so crispy and yet when you bite into the burger, juice seeps out. Amazing.

Last but not least came the strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich.

In case you live under a box and don’t read Saratoga Idiots blog, they recently challenged every restaurant in the area to create an ice cream sandwich with some creativity and worthiness of talking about. Well my friends, I think Rory has put himself in a great spot in the competition. His take on the classic Good Humor strawberry shortcake ice cream pop gets an A+ for effort and taste. Homemade strawberry ice cream is sandwiched between two sugar cookies and covered with strawberry shortcake crumbs along the outside. Ahhhhhhh so good.
I want to give a personal thanks to Rory Moran and the staff at Comfort Kitchen for not only having me for the tasting event but for having such a passion for creating delicious food. I really can’t express how refreshing it is to have you join the food community! Can’t wait to come back and eat everything on the menu. Until then….

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