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Take Out Week: Day 3

December 9, 2020

At some point back in early COVID times, Comfort Kitchen shared their recipe for their beloved Falafel Tacos. I screenshotted it immediately and tried making the recipe the next week.

Guess what? I realized my cooking abilities will never compare to the perfectly fried deliciousness that Chef Rory Moran achieves.

Anyway, Tim has been nagging me for over a week about getting a fried chicken sandwich, so when I decided to do take out week I thought it was only fitting that I could get one of my FAVORITE lunches out and I could also fulfill Tim’s request.

Naturally, in addition to the fried chicken sandwich and falafel tacos, we ordered the Kale Salad because… balance. FYI: this salad has the ability to totally change your opinion about kale if you’re a hater.

I also just learned that Comfort Kitchen is serving dinner FIVE days a week now too! They keep teasing out these amazing looking house-made pasta dishes that I can’t stop drooling over.

It’s no secret that Comfort Kitchen has been a favorite of mine since day one. I mean, have you ever tried their tots? They also are huge supporters of local farms, which makes me love them even more.

You can order online conveniently through their website so that all you have to do is run in and grab your order when it’s ready!

Comfort Kitchen is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-8pm, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 12-8pm. Whether it’s lunch or dinner you’re after, this food will give you all the comfort you need during these trying times.

Check back tomorrow for Take Out Week, Day 4!

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