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Sperry’s Just Gained Hot Spot Status

May 26, 2016

I’ve always been a fan of the patio at Sperry’s, but when it came to dining there on the regular, I usually found it was hit or miss.

Fortunately for all of us, that’s no longer the case under new chef Brian Bowden’s watch.

I’ve followed Brian pretty much every where he’s been, and I have never once been disappointed after a meal prepared by him or by a staff run by him. It was no surprise that he finely tuned the kitchen staff at Sperry’s to be the exact same way, awesome.

Here’s a little story about my experience.

My sisters 30th birthday was one of those birthdays that basically lasted for two weeks. We had SO many birthday dinners out, I can’t actually remember the exact number it tallied by the time she hit 30. But anyway, Sperry’s was the first of many.

Knowing that Brian had just recently taken the Executive Chef position and was working on a new menu, I was all over that situation, analyzing the menu, looking at what was different, etc.

Something that stood out to me was the fact that the number of fish options had grown tremendously.

That’s something I really love about Chef Bowden, he’s a fish guy. He just knows how to prepare it, and how to prepare it really well.

So of course, when I was perusing the menu, I had to order fish.

FYI – if you’ve never had a popover at Sperry’s, you’re missing out BIG TIME. Honestly, one of the best baked goods I’ve ever consumed, especially on this night. Also, these days, carbs never tasted so good.

popover at sperry's

A new menu appetizer that caught my eye was the Beef Carpaccio ($16), which I’ve been known in the past to gobble up at 15 Church and Chianti. In this case, it was no different. I saw it and immediately needed it in my life (or in my stomach).

carpaccio at sperry's

That fried ball of love in the center is a soft boil egg that had been deep fried. Yes. And the oozy yolk all over that rare meat was just divine.

Next, clearly the fish was giving me the signal, so I had to order some. With so many new options on the menu, I had to go with the Branzino ($30).


And it was perfect. I mean, are you looking at that image? First and foremost, we eat with our eyes, and this picture says “hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here I am, so eat me maybe?”

Forgive me for that last part, it’s been a long day.

Fish for me is all about textures and the flavor profile. This had it all. Truffled cauliflower puree, english peas, proscuitto, marcona almonds, brown butter and basil.



Finally, dessert is really where the night begins, IMO. And if you’ve never been to Sperry’s for a birthday, this might change your mind.

Enter, the dessert platter:

dessert tray sperry's

Oh, hello friends. It’s been a while. Creme brulee, apple strudel, chocolate lava cake, bread pudding, etc. etc.

All in all, my experience at Sperry’s really changed the frequency in which I’ll be dining there from now on. With a kitchen operating under the trusted guidance of Brian Bowden, I have no doubt in my mind that your next experience at Sperry’s will be better than your last.

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