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Southern Comfort in North Carolina

June 5, 2012

Aside from the tremendous amount of time it takes to drive, traveling down south to see my family is never something I hesitate to do. While the trip itself generally amounts to around 15 hours because my brother has a need to stop every 2 hours, I find serious joy in the slew of restaurants and fast food joints that upstate new york doesn’t offer. Here’s some of the highlights from my recent trip to North Carolina and where I stopped on the way and back.

Chic-fil-a: Chicken lovers unite, you’re not going to find a better chicken sandwich at any fast food restaurant. The tender, juicy, REAL chicken sandwich consists of a breaded chicken breast topped with two pickles on a buttered bun. It’s just that simple and for around $2.50, you just can’t resist (or at least I can’t!)

Waffle House: Who doesn’t love a nice crispy waffle with a side of home fries smothered and covered? Hey don’t worry, I didn’t know what that meant either until I tried it for myself at Waffle House in North Carolina. Fatty, greasy, crispy, salty and sweet, all wrapped into one. My bill was $4.50. Enough said.

Papa’s & Beer: The best way to describe this place is Mexican food on steroids. I’m talking huge meals for great prices, an enormous menu and help yourself salsa bar. Why no one in this area has come up with this idea is beyond me, but it’s definitely something that should be considered. Aside from that, a pint of beer (with 8+ to choose from) was only $1.35. That’s correct, I said $1.35. With several restaurants throughout North Carolina, this is a must-go if you’re ever in that neck of the woods.

Jack-in-the-box: The mish mosh of all fast food restaurants, Jack-in-the-box wears the crown. Selling anything from the tradition burger and fries to tacos and egg rolls, this place was confusing and plain old mediocre. The food was cheap and okay if you’re drunk and have the munchies but aside from that, I don’t mind not having one here in New York.

Sonic: Ahhh, the supreme drive-in spot with the best commercials on TV. I’m constantly tortured by the ice cream and greasy food that advertisements tease me with but I can never get a hold of, unless I’m in the south. My favorite thing about Sonic? Well that would have to be the “happy hour” drink specials that are conveniently around 6 hours every single day. Yes, I can in fact get those delicious cherry limeade’s I love so much for a very small sum.

The tour of North Carolina fast food/restaurants stops there, with a now overweight yet satisfied food writer. Have any comments? Please share. I’d love to hear what you think!

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