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Restrictions Change to “Limitations”

December 22, 2013

No one likes a complainer, and that’s exactly what I’ve been the past week while being dairy and gluten free.

But guess what my friends? The doctor called Friday morning… I’m okay to eat whatever I want again, but in severe moderation.

Either way, it’s freeing to know I no longer have to avoid specific things, but going through it even just for a week, I really learned to understand a whole different perspective when it comes to eating and dining out.

Cooking at home was no problem. Gluten free pasta is readily available, I always cook with olive oil over butter anyway, and my dietary restrictions didn’t do any harm in my own kitchen.

Eating out, I did come to find that some restaurants were more accommodating than others. I’ve gotta give it to DZ Restaurants for clearly marking items on the menu that are gluten free, and also giving diners the ability to order gluten free pasta for just an additional $2.

In fact, last night I ordered the gluten free pasta at Chianti – and low and behold, couldn’t even tell the difference.

Gluten Free Pasta at Chianti

I’ve eaten a lot of pasta in my day. If this was put in front of me after ordering regular pasta by mistake, I don’t think I really would have known the difference – it was that close.

I’m also impressed with the way Scallions has their menu set up, with the gluten free and vegan options clearly specified, similar to DZ. Although I only went there for lunch, it was a good experience knowing exactly what I could and could not have.

So while these limitations are still in place, I’ve gotta say that in just one week, I feel skinnier, I feel less tired and overall I feel better. With that said, I’m still going to have those indulgent meals from time to time, but I really believe this diet has changed the way I think and the way I feel about food in a great way.

I’m far more appreciative of the elements of a dish now. It’s easy to let the bread or the cheese or the pasta overpower the other components on a plate, and now I see that as a cop out. It should be about bringing the flavors of the protein to life, or enhancing the vegetables, or transforming the starch. Catch my drift?

Now that I’m done rambling, I want to thank everyone for how supportive you’ve all been through this confusing and strange time for me, and I hope you are excited for the back to normal reviews (as well as the gluten and dairy free reviews) that are to come!

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