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Restaurant Week Stop Two – The Wishing Well

March 20, 2013

After a long weekend of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and stuffing my face with corned beef and cabbage, I’m back with a new Restaurant Week review. Based on my list of picks, I decided to save a quiet evening for a more romantic spot, which is exactly why I dined last night at The Wishing Well. Little did I know when I made plans to go there that the weather last night would have been the way that it was, but alas we made it and enjoyed a beautiful, quiet dinner.

The Wishing Well fireplace

As we sat right next to the fireplace, we enjoyed the comfort of the warm atmosphere with the perfect lighting for looking at the person across the table but also for taking bomb pictures of food! As the menu was handed to us, I immediately knew what I was going for. I ordered the roasted cauliflower soup as my appetizer and the broiled salmon as my entree. On the other hand, my boyfriend who hasn’t been eating much meat lately thanks to this girl went ham and ordered the duck wings as his appetizer and the braised short ribs as his entree. Our waiter was impressed.

Here’s a look at my first course, the creamy roasted cauliflower soup with smoked bacon and truffle sea salt.
Cauliflower soup
On a snowy night like last night, there’s seriously nothing better than a warm and hearty soup to keep you from being cold. At first slurp I knew it would be a challenge to take it slow with this one. It was chunky and somewhat thick, like a chowder with rich flavors from the cream and the smoked bacon, but it wasn’t too heavy which was perfect for a starter.
Now to my entree, the Broiled Faroe Islands Salmon with a sweet wasabi ginger glaze. It was accompanied by some brussel sprouts and mashed sweat potatoes.
Oh yeah oh yeah. While I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed the salmon as it was the perfect portion size and the glaze was delicious, the real star of this plate was the sweet potato mash. These sweet potatoes were creamy, succulent and full of spice and flavor. I actually ended up taking tiny bites of it throughout the meal just so that I would have the majority left to finish at the end.
Moving on, here’s a look at what my fellow diner had to eat, and no, he didn’t share with me. 🙁
Crispy Duck Wings with spicy apricot sambal
Duck wings
Cabernet braised short ribs with a mascarpone polenta
Braised short ribs
Since he didn’t let me try any, I’d have to make the assumption that everything was excellent, or I could judge it solely based on the fact that he basically licked the plates clean, especially the polenta.
Finally, for dessert him and I both went our separate ways again and I ordered the chocolate Guinness cake with maple cream.
chocolate cake
This cake wasn’t exactly what I was anticipating, but I still thought it was good. The cake itself was pretty dense, but had a little fluff to it when you made your way to the center. The Guinness taste was there, but not overwhelming and the maple cream added a lovely sweet component that was needed to complete the taste.
Tim ordered the Crème Caramel
Crème Caramel
It’s no surprise to me that I left The Wishing Well full and happy. I truly enjoyed my meal there and I look forward to going back again in the future! If you’re ever looking to get away from downtown Saratoga and have a romantic meal with your special someone or even if you need to bring your kids along, they will be more than happy to accommodate. Not only is the food and atmosphere wonderful, but the waitstaff is outstanding.
Have you tried The Wishing Well yet for Restaurant Week? What was your experience like?
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  • Reply AJ March 21, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    Ashley went to The Mouzon House for Restaurant Week. Ended up doing the $30 Prix Fixe menu instead of $20.13 Menu. Was delicious. Love your posts.

    • Reply ashleydingeman March 21, 2013 at 6:10 pm

      Thanks for the kind words! I absolutely LOVE The Mouzon House, they have exquisite food. I’m glad you went and enjoyed!

  • Reply craigslistlover March 22, 2013 at 5:34 am

    Found your blog by searching ‘Saratoga’. I’ve lived here for 12 years and there are so many restaurants I have not been to. Just went to Hattie’s for the first time this week…embarrassing. The Wishing Well is also one I haven’t yet been to, and I used to live right down the street! It is my mission to try all the restaurants in Saratoga this summer!Looking forward to your recommendations!

    • Reply ashleydingeman March 22, 2013 at 8:22 pm

      I’m so glad you found me! Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the restaurants or need any specific recommendations. I’d be happy to help!

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