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The OG Farm to Table Gem of Saratoga

August 22, 2018

Farm to table restaurants seem to be pretty much every restaurant’s theme these days, but before it was “cool” it was being done for a long time by The Mouzon House in Saratoga.

Tucked away in what feels like a destination away from the buzz of downtown, Mouzon House is just a short walk away from Broadway at 1 York Street. The Victorian-era building’s history, which was built in 1883, has a story worthy of its own blog post.

But we’re not here to talk about architecture and history, we’re here to talk about food, right?

So let’s first start with the cocktails. 

The Mouzon House doesn’t simply do cocktails, they develop craft cocktails that are unique and interesting, both to look at and to taste. 

One of my absolute favorites is the Mouzon-Rita, made with tequila, beet- and jalapeno-infused agave, fresh lemon and lime juice, served over ice.

FYI – it’s the one on the right. The cocktail on the left is what my sister ordered that night, but I can’t remember what it was and it doesn’t look like it’s on their regular menu!

The Mouzon-Rita is tart, spicy, but still has that subtly sweet beet flavor. It’s a great cocktail.

Moving on to their dinner menu – they have some staples on the menu like fried chicken and shrimp and grits, but I wanted to try something new this time. Since I’ve been on a serious lamb kick lately, when I saw the lamb burger on the menu my mouth started to water.

Then I saw it came with truffle fries.

That’s when I knew.

The Mouzon House Lamb Burger is everything you could ever want in a burger: topped with roasted red peppers and smoked provolone, served with crispy truffles frites, along with house-made pickles and remoulade on the side.

The bun = perfect. 

Smoked provolone = bountiful.

Lamb = perfectly medium rare.

Fries = crispy and truffled-up.

I couldn’t or wouldn’t have ever put all of the flavors and textures of this burger together, but it was truly one of the most delicious burgers I’ve ever tasted. I actually went in with confidence that I’d only eat half and take the rest home for later, but I ate the entire thing PLUS most of the fries.

Whether you’re in town just for track season or you’re a local – if you haven’t tried this burger, do so ASAP. I promise you that if you like lamb (even remotely like lamb), this burger will blow you away.

To see their full menu, click here.

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