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Now Open: Kin Jo Japanese Saratoga

July 12, 2016

More sake, more happy, right? That was definitely the case last night when I got the chance to preview the brand new Kin Jo Japanese Steakhouse located at 68 Congress Street in Saratoga Springs.

If you’re unclear as to where that is, it’s in the CVS plaza where Friendly’s once was, and most recently occupied by Istanblue.

When you walk through the doors, you’ll find a full bar to your right and a sushi bar to your left. Past that, you’ll see that this totally reconstructed space now has three hibachi stations, each with two flat tops.

Kin Jo Japanese Saratoga

In addition to the hibachi space, they also have seating separated by a wall where any hibachi haters can order traditional Japanese fare including sushi, noodles and rice dishes.

JK I know there aren’t any hibachi haters out there. At least, I don’t think…

View the full menu here.

I’m super excited to have a hibachi restaurant RIGHT in the center of town, and can tell you from my experience last night, that the staff they’ve hired is so on point. I certainly had my fair share of sake during the tasting, but the hibachi chefs are super personable and of course, entertaining.

Honestly, the one at my table can cook AND make balloon animals for kids. That is skill, my friends.

The night played out like a typical tasting, so here you can see a bunch of different menu items (all of which were awesome.)



Spring Rolls


Tuna Poke

Kin Jo is officially open for business tonight, so prepare yourselves for some sake and fire and visit Kin Jo now!

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