Your Must-Have Side Dish

November 20, 2017

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I’ve found myself asking people lately which side dish they couldn’t live without for the big feast. While for many it’s the mashed potatoes or the green bean casserole, I’m interested in hearing from you guys.

If you could only have ONE side dish with your Thanksgiving turkey, what would it be and why?

Of course, there’s a reason why we all end up having so many: we love them all.

I myself have had a hard time answering this question. I think that sweet potato casserole has a special place in my heart and would probably be my answer, but that might also just be because sweet potatoes are my absolute favorite vegetable. 

Anyway – I turn it over to all of you. Share your favorite dish and why you couldn’t live without it for Thanksgiving!

And if I don’t talk to you all again beforehand, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I’m super grateful for all of you!


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  • Reply llcwine November 28, 2017 at 8:19 am

    Must have? – My cornbread stuffing with sausage, apples, nuts and cranberries….but I did go to 5 different stores in Southwest Virginia to get rutabagas. Apparently, not a favored vegetable in that part of the US.

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