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Lovin meals on wheels with the Eat Good Food truck

August 8, 2012

If you haven’t already realized, food trucks have become a bit of an obsession for me. I think they’re fascinating and while they are just starting to catch on in Saratoga Springs, they’ve been driving around major cities for years. I think what I love so much about food trucks is that it’s a version of fast food but actually made with quality ingredients by local vendors. Convenience while still supporting the local economy? I’ll take it!

In a previous post about food trucks, I mentioned the three new vendors in the area, including Eat Good Food. Eat Good Food can be found on West Ave, to the left of the parking lot at Minogue’s Beverage Center.

How cute is that? It almost looks like it could blend in with the blue sky and clouds above it! For those who didn’t read my last post about them, Eat Good Food is owned and operated by the duo who ran the Jonesville Store for many many years and had a very loyal following from that business.

The spot they chose for the truck is really perfect for what they’re looking to do. It’s a little away from the hustle and bustle of downtown but not far at all for those who want to enjoy a great lunch. As owner Jean Travis said, their menu is a lot like getting dressed in the morning. You pick out the top, the bottom and then you have to pick the accessories that go along with it. For men, none of that applies, but I think a lot of women get what I’m saying. There are a lot of options and it could easily get confusing by looking at the menu. What I found to make the situation a little easier is by just looking at the special board.

I love how they take the time to write out all of the combinations and even use different colors – I’m a sucker for visual appeal. Just shows they’re making the extra effort, and I really like that. Anyway, based on this special board, I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak on a baguette. After ordering, I went and sat in the little seating area they’ve created, with ironing boards as tables and lawn chairs for sitting. They bring the food out to you when it’s done.

Pretty cool, right? From one step to the next I was really enjoying my experience here. Not only is it different in terms of ordering food from a truck, but even the seating and atmosphere was like a breath of fresh air, literally. Right next to the seating area is a fresh produce stand from a local farm, selling corn, zucchini, green peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, watermelon, peaches, etc. Mmmm nothing better than fresh produce right from the farm.

And then there was the philly cheese steak…

The baguette was both crunchy and doughy, with a slight toast on it from the grill top. The cheese steak was made to order, like everything they make at Eat Good Food, which adds a really special quality. The steak had a lot of flavor and the peppers and onions just put it over the top. I did add a pinch of salt, but as usual, I’m a salt freak so that’s totally my preference.

I really loved the sandwich and thought it was in fact better than a lot of lunch places in town. With SO many options, you’re destined to find something you like there.

Open Monday through Saturday, 10-3 and there’s even an “acoustic lunch” on Friday and Saturday with live music! I definitely think the folks at Eat Good Food are moving in the right direction with their food truck and I can’t wait to try it again!

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