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Jacob and Anthony’s Serves Up Satisfaction

October 28, 2012

For being a food writer, I’m terrible at deciding where to go for dinner. Generally if I’m in a bind and I’m being pressured to make a decision, I choose a restaurant that I visit frequently and know I love. For once, I made the bold move to try something new (well, at least new for me) and I took myself over to Jacob and Anthony’s for dinner.

The menu is pretty large and has a huge variety of options. What my eyes were drawn towards was the three course seasonal menu for $20. I’m sure you’re familiar with a plethora of restaurants that offer deals like this, but not too many offer this every single day. The first course is your choice of either a homemade soup or salad. I went with the Farmer’s Market salad, which consists of field greens, tomatoes, dried cranberries, carrots and cucumbers.

For a salad and first course of three, I was expecting this to be a teeny little salad. Instead, I was presented with a HUGE salad that I couldn’t even eat all of on my own. It was pretty simple, but I was happy with the portion size and really loved the fried polenta on the sides.

Second course I chose to go with the chicken parmesan.

Holy crap! Do you see that portion? I mean really… two chicken cutlets AND a side of pasta. I’ve gotta hand it to them, the chicken was excellent. The cutlets were lightly breaded in panko and beautifully crisp on the outside and SO juicy and moist on the inside. The tomato sauce wasn’t overpowering and the mozzarella on top was gooey and bubbly. In addition, the pasta on the side was great, even though I really couldn’t eat much of it due to portion control.

For my final course, I chose the brownie sundae rather than the mousse cup.

Finally! A small portion. The brownie sundae was a decent way to end a great meal. It definitely wasn’t the best brownie sundae I’ve ever had, but my taste buds were already over worked at that point it didn’t even matter. I think for those who are looking for a dessert and aren’t getting the three-course meal, the brownie sundae isn’t really the way to go.

Overall, the experience at Jacob and Anthony’s was good. If you’re looking for an easy meal that’s relatively inexpensive, I think this restaurant serves that purpose. If you’re looking for after dinner drinks, I think their bar is comfortable and the drink prices are pretty reasonable. I would order the same thing again if I have the opportunity, but I will say that the eggplant stack on the menu which I don’t have a picture of, is by far the best thing they make at this place. If you don’t like eggplant, tough luck. If you do, you’ll be in heaven. Order it, and you’ll leave happy.

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