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How To Spend Dark Days in Saratoga

July 28, 2015

It’s official – the 2015 Saratoga Race Course Season has begun, and today is the first dark day of the summer.

Yes, Tuesdays are referred to around here as “dark days”, since it’s the one day every week that the track is closed. And if you’re one of the many visitors to our beautiful city wondering what the heck you’re going to do today, I’ve got you beyond covered.

For starters, you can always begin your day with a wonderful breakfast.

Park Side Eatery

Consider Sweet Mimi’s Cafe or Park Side Eatery, both across the street from each other and both offering a great breakfast. At Sweet Mimi’s, might I suggest the Roman Eggs, two fried eggs on top of crispy prosciutto, roasted asparagus, and a side of toasted ciabatta. At Park Side Eatery, my go-to is the veggie omelet, a veggie packed omelet with zucchini, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and more, with a side of their homefries, fruit, and farm toast.

After you’re ready to rock and roll, hop in the car and head over to The Kayak Shak at Fish Creek Arena for a day out on the lake. Rent yourself a paddle board or kayak, and you’ll burn off those calories from breakfast in no time.

That brings us to an early dinner, and lucky for you – one of the area’s best pizza places is right in the same parking lot as The Kayak Shak. Of course, I’m talking about Harvest and Hearth.

Indulge in multiple pieces of pizza. It’s thin, crispy, and you’ll still feel relatively good about yourself after you down half the pie.

Just don’t leave there without getting their brownie sundae. Seriously life altering – you have to try it.

Now that the day is practically over, go for a walk, watch the sun set, and rest! You’ll need it so you can win some money the next day when the track reopens.

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