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Healthy Lunching at Four Seasons

August 10, 2015

I’m always looking around for a good place to grab lunch in Saratoga – especially on days when I’m too lazy to prepare something myself.

I hate to admit it, but since opening their location on Henry Street, I hadn’t made it over to the Four Seasons Health Food Store to check it out until this past week. A friend had told me about the panini’s at this specific location, and after a long morning, I decided it was time to get on my merry way and see the place for myself!

A quick walk from Broadway, the new Four Seasons Store is at 120 Henry Street, not to be confused with their cafe at 33 Phila Street.

The menu isn’t huge at the store, but they definitely have some great options, including chevre, tomato, and tapenade panini, grueyere, carmelized onion, and kale panini, and a buffalo bbq panini made with marinated tofu.

At Four Seasons Natural Foods Store, they offer a full array of natural food groceries, organic produce, teas, coffees, supplements, personal care and aromatherapy.

If you look at the menu for their little panini station, you’ll notice there’s no meat options. That’s because they really focus on vegetarian and vegan options for their customers, which was A-Okay with me for lunch!

I ordered the chevre, tomato and tapenade panini, with creamy NYS chevre, fresh sliced tomato, kalamata & amfissa olive tapenade, grilled on NYS french peasant bread for $5.95.

Four Seasons Market Panini

Panini from four seasons with lentil salad

The panini was great – and even after a 5 minute walk back to my office, the bread was still crunchy. The fillings were also on point. I’m a sucker for tapenade, and this was salty and savory.

But I need to talk about this curried lentil salad that came on the side. That in itself is worth a review. The salad consists of Green Lentils, Red Bell Pepper, & Carrots tossed with a House Made Curry Vinaigrette and Served on a Bed of Shredded Kale.

OMG is this good. I’ve honestly been trying to figure out how I can recreate it at home ever since I tasted it. Oh right – and it only cost $2.00. Even if you don’t want a panini, I highly recommend getting some of this salad to try.

If you’re ever looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite and want to stay healthy, I’m telling you right now that this is where you’ve gotta go. And the best part, it cost me around $8 for the whole thing. Lunch under $10 is a win for me!

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