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Healthy Living Cafe: Now on Broadway

September 2, 2015

When I first saw the sandwich board at the entrance of the alley between Lillian’s and The Washington building, I wondered if I had been living under a rock all summer.

Healthy Living Cafe

Since when did the Around the Corner Cafe change hands to Healthy Living Cafe, and why did I not know anything about this?!

Last night, I investigated, and I totally creeped down the alley and peeked through the windows. Low and behold, I saw the logos, I saw the menus, and my heart took flight.

Healthy Living Cafe

YES – we now have Healthy Living Market breakfast and lunch options, right on Broadway.

Cue the angels.

Today I made the executive decision to go in and try a sandwich, and before I could read the rest of the menu, I fell in love with one of the signature sandwiches.

A combination of hummus, feta, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, onions and romaine on ciabatta.

Healthy Living Cafe

Not only could I smell it while they pressed it in the panini maker to crisp the bread, but once I locked eyes with it, I knew it wouldn’t last for long.

Healthy Living Cafe

What a stellar combination of flavors, especially those banana peppers!

Anyway, you can really make whatever sandwich you want, with so many options for meats or vegetarian options, toppings, and bread.

They also have a limited selection of prepared foods in a case, which is great for anyone who isn’t feeling a sandwich on any given day.

According to the guy working today, they’ve been operating for about 2 1/2 – 3 weeks now, so I’m clearly not as in the know as I thought I was.

When you have the chance, check it out! You won’t be sorry you did.

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