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Healthy Eats with 9 Miles East

June 24, 2018

Can I be honest about something? I’m not a fan of cooking in the summer.

I don’t know what it is specifically – whether it’s the heat and me refusing to make my kitchen 1 million degrees by turning on the oven, or my lack of concentration to focus long enough to figure out what to make for dinner. Either way… I don’t like it.

That’s probably why I started this blog in the summer six years ago, because I was going out to eat five days a week and only using my kitchen two days a week.

But now I’m six years older, and I don’t have enough money to go out to eat five days a week (nor can my physique handle it). That’s why I’m super excited to say that I found a solution to make my life a lot easier.

Enter 9 Miles East. They’re offering a Home Meal Plan that was basically made for people (like me) who need someone else to help them make healthy choices during the week, without having to actually cook anything.

Here’s how it works:

Each week, you’ll receive a reusable cooler containing fresh, healthy meals made with high-quality local and organic ingredients. There are two options, either 7-8 servings for the week, or 11-12 servings. 

For the first option (7-8 servings at $60/week), you get:

  • One 1toGO entree. Ready to heat and serve. Single-serve.
  • One GO Box salad.
  • One GO Box Pro salad with high-quality chicken.
  • One Farm Soup. Ready to heat and enjoy.
  • One GO Basket Pro. Quinoa, roasted veggies and braised chicken. Heat and enjoy.

For the second option (11-12 servings at $85/week), you get:

  • One Dinner to GO entree. Ready to heat and enjoy. Serves four.
  • One GO Box salad.
  • Two GO Box Pro salads with high-quality chicken.
  • One Farm Soup. Ready to heat and enjoy.
  • One GO Basket Pro. Quinoa, roasted veggies and braised chicken. Ready to heat and serve.


Seriously, when I learned about this, I could hardly contain myself.

And then when I got my first delivery, I was so excited to look through the cooler and see what items I received.

Here’s a look at everything that came in my first order:

Let’s just say I felt like one healthy MOFO after week one. All of the food tasted fresh, there were big chunks of veggies in all of the meals and salads, and I probably would’ve spent double the cost buying groceries to mimic these meals for myself.

There was enough for two of us, and we even were able to have some of the food for lunch in addition to dinners every single night (M-Th.)

It’s a lot of food, but can definitely feed two people happily for four days.

Sold yet? I already sold myself. Anyway, you can learn more about the Home Meal Plans here.

If you DO decide to sign up, use my coupon code FANATIC and receive 30% off your first delivery PLUS a complimentary pizza. If you have more questions, feel free to email for more information.

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  • Reply Daniel Berman June 27, 2018 at 11:31 pm

    I was going to ask about the pizza.
    It feels like you buried the lede.

    Free pizza!

    I mean seriously, I’ll buy almost anything for free pizza.
    Even salads.
    Because, pizza.

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