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Good Morning Cafe Now Serving NYC Bagels

April 3, 2015

My love for a good bagel goes above and beyond my love for most other carb heavy foods. I usually steer clear of bagels unless I’m visiting NYC, or if I’m really in the mood for a bagel sandwich and I just don’t care what kind of bagel it’s on.

Well, Good Morning Cafe has once again switched things up and have started offering bagels from the famous H&H Midtown Bagels East in New York City.

Coming in daily, they’re offering sesame, poppy and plain, all with fresh cream cheese or scallion cream cheese. I had the scallion cream cheese, and it was fabulous.

H and H Bagels NYC

H and H Bagels NYC Good morning cafe

The scallions add such a nice freshness and crunch to the otherwise soft and creamy bagel. Highly recommended!

In addition to these bagels, some other changes have also been made to the menu, including lunch offerings including soups and build your own grilled cheese. But the real show stoppers are the gluten free latkes and sweet sweet blintzes!

The latkes were crispy on the outside but soft and flaky on the inside. And the fact that they’re gluten free? Awesome.

Latkes at Good morning Cafe

Add some of that housemade apple sauce on top and you’ve got yourself a little flavor party in your mouth.

The blintzes were soft and pillowy, filled with a sweet and savory combination of ricotta and cottage cheese, topped with sour cream and warm blueberry sauce.

Blintzes at good morning cafe

Ah, that little dust of powdered sugar. I love that. The sour cream on top to me is really smart, because the warm blueberry sauce is definitely on the sweeter side, but the sour cream really tames it with it’s bitterness.

I’d take this as an after breakfast dessert any day.

Get over to Good Morning Cafe and try out their new menu items this weekend!

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