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Go Organic at Harvest and Hearth

August 27, 2012

It’s funny how sometimes the places I enjoy going to the most are the ones I write about the least. Harvest and Hearth is one of these places. Nestled near Fish Creek on Route 9 in Saratoga, Harvest and Hearth is a simple yet sophisticated restaurant, serving dinner Tuesday-Sunday. Their big emphasis is on everything organic, which makes it one of the few in the Saratoga community of restaurants.

Known for their pizzas, Harvest and Hearth uses their wood fired pizza oven to destroy any other pizza in Saratoga. The thin crust is crunchy on the outside and slightly doughy on the inside. What’s even better is the different toppings. Over the years, I have tried every single combination they’ve put together on their menu and I haven’t had a single one yet that I didn’t love. The use of fresh herbs is always a huge bonus too. You can tell whenever anything comes from the kitchen (or the pizza making station towards the left of the restaurant), it’s totally fresh and totally awesome.

This was a white pizza with garlic, bacon and arugula. The sweet and salty bacon paired with the sharp and fresh arugula made for a great pair, giving you a nice light flavor but with enough meatiness from the bacon to linger on your tongue for a while.

I’ve been going to Harvest and Hearth since they first opened several years ago, and I have never been disappointed by the food. The service on the other hand, is a different story. As much as I love the place, I can always expect at least a 35 minute wait for my food, regardless of how busy it is. If you were not born with patience, then order this food to go. I must stress that even if the service is bad, it’s never deterred me from going there and leaving with a very, very full stomach.

I can’t write a post on Harvest and Hearth without mentioning the brownie sundae. If I could have one dessert for the rest of my life, this would be it. The warm and moist brownie is topped with vanilla bean ice cream and the combinations quite literally melt in your mouth. It’s a great treat to end a great meal with, so I suggest next time you go, you get this.

The best part is that because everything is organic, you get the notion in your head that everything that you’re eating is good for you. Every time I go I think oh I can have 6 pieces of this pizza because it’s thin and small and it’s totally healthy. While it may not be as healthy as I pretend it is, it’s so so good. Try it for yourself and let me know if you agree!

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