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Getting Sideways with Fajitas

April 17, 2016

I’ve been noticing lately that when I go out to eat, I’m becoming one of those assholes that tries to change whatever I’m ordering from the menu to something that’s either a combination of two menu items, or just slightly altered to my lifestyle.

Sometimes it’s something as simple as getting the salad dressing on the side, and sometimes it’s as bizarre as ordering fajitas but without the actual flour tortillas.

Alright, so when I’m not devouring doughnuts and bagel sandwiches, a girls gotta watch what she eats, and cutting out those empty tortilla carbs is the way to go.

But something I learned during this process (especially after I did it today) is that fajitas are super good without the tortillas. In fact, I think the tortillas actually take away from the actual flavor of those sweet almost-caramelized onions and the light snap of those charred peppers.

Fajitas from Cantina

I’m a big fan of the seasoned shrimp from Cantina, especially the spicy shrimp. After lunch there today, I thought about how amazing these make-shift fajitas would have been had I ordered the spicy shrimp instead of the normal seasoned shrimp they put in the shrimp fajitas.

But if that’s what I decided I wanted to order the next time I went, my order would go as follows:

“I’ll have the shrimp fajitas, but instead of the regular shrimp, can I have the spicy shrimp that you put on the spicy shrimp tacos? And can you just leave off the flour tortillas. Oh yeah, and can I have some extra guac to go with that?”

And then the waitress punches me square in the face and says “NO ASHLEY. THIS ISN’T CHIPOTLE. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.”

(Reality – I don’t think this order would ever be THAT annoying. But I have these crazy thoughts.)

See, my friends. These are the types of conundrums I face on the regular.

But I want to hear from you – do you ever feel pressure when you change up an order at a restaurant and feel like you’re being a pain in the ass? Do you purposely not order something because you know you want it a certain way and you don’t feel like explaining it to the wait staff out of fear that it A) won’t come out as you requested or B) they’ll hate you for asking?

Trust me, I love the amazing people who bring me my food. This is in no way, shape, or form putting down anyone who works in the service industry. I love you all very much.

This is more about me being overwhelmed with decisions and being afraid to ask if something can be altered from the menu.

Okay, I think I’m done aimlessly writing. It’s your turn now! Please share your thoughts with me below!

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  • Reply Kim April 18, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Cantina. After this review, I’ll definitely need to stop in and order the seasoned shrimp. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Reply tim james April 20, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    As a chef here in town i teach my staff that we are here to feed the public , they want something special go for it. I’m here to cook for you . As long as i have have the ingredients i’ll make anything you want ..

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