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Freaky Fresh Delivery with 9 Miles East Farm

July 10, 2019

Who else strives to live their healthiest lives in the summer? I mean, it’s relatively easy when there are SO many amazing veggies and fruits in season, right?

Well 9 Miles East Farm is making it even EASIER to live your best life, with the Summer Meal Mix delivered right to your doorstep.

What is the Summer Meal Mix you ask?

For $89 per week, you’ll receive nine prepared meal servings PLUS a quick bread, a dozen pasture-raised eggs and a bag of fresh veggies from the farm. See below for a special coupon code!

If you’re like me and live in an old AF house with no central air, having meals already prepared for you is GOLDEN. Bonus that they’re healthy and filled with whole foods!

Another great thing is that at 9 Miles East Farm, they understand every household has different tastes, so they welcome customization by reaching out 2 days after your first experience to tailor your next meal mix to your needs.

That’s pretty awesome.

Here’s the detailed breakdown of what you get:

  • One Dinner to GO entree. Ready to heat and enjoy. Serves four.
  • One GO Basket Pro. Rotates between 6 varieties of our “grain” bowl including our Burrito, Korean, Burbank, Italian, Kyoto and Bangkok styles. Filling, healthy and flavorful. Heat and enjoy.
  • Two GO Box salads featuring organic greens, fiber-rich grains, fresh veggies, seeds/nuts and a farm-made dressing.
  • One GO Box Pro salad. A GO Box but with high-quality chicken.
  • One Farm Soup. Ready to heat and enjoy.
  • One GO Bag. 5-7lbs of fresh veggies harvested the night before from our 29-acre farm.
  • One Quick Bread. Great toasted for breakfast. Varieties include apple spice, pumpkin spelt and zucchini.
  • One Dozen Pasture-Raised Eggs. A deep orange yolk tells the story of a happy chicken.

If you’re interested in ordering this up for the summer, don’t forget to use the code SUMMERFANATIC for $10 off your first 5 orders!

I highly recommend this service. And if you’ve never tried their pizzas, do that too. You won’t be sorry.

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