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Food Trucks Plentiful In Saratoga

July 12, 2012

Looks like my predictions were correct and food trucks are making their way into Saratoga. I believe the total is up to four now, with Awesome Dogs being the veteran and newcomers Fitzy’s Fork in the Road, Eat Good Food and Spa City Hot Dogs joining the craze. If food trucks become as popular here as they are in other cities, you better get used to seeing your food coming from people in a truck.

Here’s some additional information on the food trucks in the area:

Spa City Dogs –

Based on their Facebook page, these are my kind of people. This food truck offers city style Sabretts hot dogs with many specialty dogs available. What are specialty dogs might you ask? For example, you might want to try “Peanut Butter Madness” which is peanut butter, maple bacon and jalapenos. Check out their Facebook page, linked above or find them Monday through Friday on Route 9 outside Allerdice Ace Hardware or outside of Putnam Den nightly from 10 until ??

Eat Good Food –

Owned and operated by former owners of Jonesville Store in Clifton Park, John and Jean Travis will now be operating out of a truck on the corner of Church and West Ave, next to Minogue’s. They will be serving salads, smoothies, grilled meats and fish and desserts, including John’s famous brownies and angel food cake. Hours are 10am to 3pm, open Monday through Saturday.

Fitzy’s Fork in the Road

Located at 123 Dunning St in Malta, Fitzy’s Fork in the Road offers homemade soups, salads, gourmet sandwiches, and wood fired BBQ. Not sure what the hours are yet, but will post as soon as I know!

Saratoga Awesome Dogs

Veteran food truck and well known in the city, this truck sits outside of EBI on Excelsior Ave. Selling sausage, hot dogs, BBQ and much more, there’s a reason they’ve been in business for so many years.

A few final last words. It’s hard to criticize this fantastic phenomenon that is coming to our city, but I wish these businesses would be a little more up to speed on their approach for awareness. Maybe a Facebook page is all you need if you’re updating it a lot, but if you’re not, good luck!

P.S. Pictures coming soon.

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