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Finding Good Eats in Ballston Spa

March 20, 2018

After Willow’s Bistro closed in Ballston Spa, every time I drove past the location on Prospect Street I kept looking for signs to see what would be in there next. 

And then BAM – there was a sign up for Good Eats. Later I learned that this restaurant (whose building is owned by the owner of the gas station next door) would be run by that same owner and his wife. 

Offering a pretty wide variety, their specialty cuisine is middle eastern.

Of course when I saw that my ears perked up, because I LOVE having the opportunity to try all types of food.

First, the Fatoush (Arabic Salad) is a light and refreshing salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, parsley, toasted pita bread, lemon juice and olive oil.

It is SO delicious.

The salad is very unique, with tart, bitter, fresh and mellow flavors. I’m telling you, if you’re in the game of trying new things, this salad is a great start.

Also, those crispy pita chips are heavenly.

This last time I went, I asked the owner (who was waiting on us at the time prior to us ordering… and then went into the kitchen to make the food!) what she recommended from the menu. She pointed out two of the Middle Eastern specialties: The Fasoulia, (green bean, stew beef, onions and tomatoes) and the Ouzi (Ground beef, Carrots, peas corn and grilled chicken. Served with rice.)

Even though once again I really came in wanting an omelette, I ordered the Ouzi.


I’ve never experienced a dish that looks so simple, yet tastes so complex. All the way down to the rice, each element was rich in flavor, perfectly seasoned, and the chicken was juicy and almost rotisserie-esque.

The meal itself was light but filling, and I was able to bring half of it home with me for later. And guess what? It was almost just as good cold as it was served hot!

Seriously guys, if you do one thing this week, you should check out Good Eats in Ballston Spa. Don’t get sidetracked by the Americanized side of the menu, either. Go for the authentic stuff – you won’t be sorry.

Good Eats 
11 Prospect Street
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Open for Breakfast & Lunch

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  • Reply Calabacita March 22, 2018 at 9:54 am

    Hi Ashley, Nancy and I have eaten from this place twice now and had great food both times.
    We each ordered the falafel wrap a few weeks ago. Great and a good price. I’ll admit, I like the wrap on
    Phila better still, but that place is exceptional. Ranan, who serves up front at Good Eats has a great smile
    and quality service. I feel like they are thrilled to be doing as well as they are and proud of their place.
    A breakfast person myself, I have been excited to try the more basic or familiar end of the menu yesterday.
    Ranan’s face lit up when I ordered the Jerusalem omelet (sautéed onion and parsley) and then again when offered the choice of cheddar, american, or feta, and I opted for the feta. Delicious, half-fold omelet, served with wonderfully tender and chunky homefries that had a crisp from the griddle( and simply seasoned). Nancy’s standard order-2 over med with HF and eng muffin, was every bit to her liking. We cleaned plates. My reason for writing today is to see what you might find out about El Cilantro that has opened up behind Alaturco/Dunkin’s. The limited info I find online offers no clues as to who is operating this place and what history they have in the biz. The menu shots on YELP (?) indicate some intriguing offerings new to me (probably not hard to do) and include tripe and tongue. I am not on FB since sometime last year but that is where I first found your pursuits and continue to appreciate your work!

    Douglas Durning

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