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Easy Lunch at Spot Coffee

September 7, 2016

I always find that lunch is the hardest meal to get on-the-run. We have so many restaurants that specialize in breakfast, brunch or dinner, that sometimes I have a hard time finding a place for lunch during the day.

In-between meetings or when I decide to work from somewhere besides my desk at home, one of my favorite spots to go is Spot Coffee because they do lunch.

Not just any lunch in particular, though. I’m talking a healthy lunch for when I’m trying to save calories for pints of Ben and Jerry’s later.

My favorite order is the greek salad, with a scoop of their spicy tuna.

Greek Salad at Spot Coffee

It’s simple, it’s massive, and it’s satisfying. With our without dressing, the tuna salad really takes this salad to the next level. I also really love the amount of feta and olives that they put on this.

Before I go any further, I have to come clean about something. I really dislike mixed greens. If I’m eating lettuce, I want it to have a crunch like romaine, not squeak between my teeth like raw spinach or mixed greens.

If there’s one thing I’d change about this salad, it would be that. I want romaine, always and forever. It’s easier to pick up with a fork, it’s somehow more filling, and to me, it just tastes better.

Aside from that, this salad is a great option – and whether you prefer these squeaky greens, this is the salad for you! What I love the most is the toasted focaccia bread that comes with it. It’s like a little carb-olicious reward for eating healthy AF.

There you have it… a lunch tip from a pro. A pro eater, that is.

*Shout out to my friend Amanda who tipped me off to this little combo!

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