During Crisis, We Join Together

March 17, 2020

Thoughts about how I’d approach a blog on this topic has been weighing on me for weeks. My concern for Coronavirus started back in January, especially with my wedding coming up in June and my worries about the WHAT IF.

Sadly, what if has turned into what now, and as I’ve watched restrictions grow more and more, I feel the struggle of my beloved local businesses and restaurants as well as my friends and family.

We’re in a weird time right now. We all have a lot of questions, we all have a lot of fear of the unknown.

There’s not a whole lot that CAN be done right now, but there are some things that can:

  1. We can be kind to each other. Each person is being impacted in different ways. Everyone is feeling this virus in one way or another. Understanding that and being considerate of people’s feelings is crucial right now. Politics aside, we as humans have the responsibility to be kind during trying times. This is that time.
  2. We can be creative. Whether it’s bars, restaurants, small businesses, families, schools, etc… let’s get creative to determine how we can support each other. Obviously many restaurants are still offering takeout/delivery services and you can purchase gift cards, but what else? Remember – we’re all in this together.
  3. We can make a difference. The fact of the matter is, the more everyone takes this seriously, the sooner we’ll be able to go back to normal life. I know the idea of staying in your house or not socializing with people is hard, but it’s much harder to see older relatives or immunocompromised loved ones get sick and suffer from the spread of COVID-19. Be smart. Stop pretending like this isn’t serious. Follow the rules and do your part to help flatten the curve. And PLEASE wash your damn hands.
  4. We can appreciate what we have. Live in a house? That’s awesome. Have access to essential food and water? That’s great. Regardless of your situation, understand there are others who are much less fortunate right now. Rather than complaining on social media about how bored you are stuck at home, think about how you can help others while maintaining social distancing.
  5. We can spread love. Listen, I understand this situation sucks on so many levels. It’s devastating and debilitating. Rather than spreading negativity, let’s spread love. Whether it’s a note letting your friends and family know you’re here for them or a positive review for your favorite local business that has closed, love is free and not compromised by the virus. Use it.

I’m with all of you and I hope you’re with me – let’s do our part and make a difference to slow the spread of the virus. If there’s anything I can do to help any of you, please shoot me a message.

Love you all <3

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    you can also tip extra when you order take out or delivery…I plan to…

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