Don’t Sleep on it: Sushi at Morrisey’s

April 4, 2022

Last week, Tim and I were having one of those typical conversations about dinner plans. You know, the one that goes:

Me: “What are you in the mood for?”

Him: “I don’t know, what are you in the mood for?”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you or your significant other must be decisive angels. But that’s not us. Anyway, we’ve been frequenting a lot of the same places for the past several months and needed something different.

So after some quick googling and menu browsing, I thought of it: MORRISEY’S SUSHI.

Tim was reluctant at first – he didn’t even know that Morrisey’s had sushi, which could be the case for a lot of people. Well they do, and they have an entire menu dedicated to it. They also have a sushi counter that you can sit at for dinner if you like to watch as it’s being made.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never even really looked at the sushi menu there, but when I did the other night, I was surprised and really excited to see tons of creative vegetarian sushi options – beyond the “veggie roll” or “cucumber-avocado roll” that every sushi restaurant offers. Additionally, the fish-forward options are creative and delicious.

We ordered 3 rolls, The Adelphi Vegetable and Mango Maki (seaweed salad, cucumber, topped with avocado and spicy mayo), The Adelphi Maki (crispy spicy tuna & cucumber, avocado, topped with seared mixed sashimi & tobiko, tempura flakes, micro greens, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo, and wasabi mayo), and the French Cake (spicy salmon, avocado, topped with tobiko, yellowtale, salmon, tempura flakes, teriyaki sauce, spicy sauce & house special sauce).

That, my friends, is a thing of beauty. Obviously there’s a lot to the The Adelphi Make and the French Cake, but let me tell you… the Adelphi Vegetable and Mango Maki looks simple but is FULL of flavor, with just enough tropical sweetness from the mango and the perfect crunch from the raw vegetables.

Absolutely the kind of sushi roll I could eat over and over again. Actually, I feel the same for the other two rolls. They’re just indulgent enough while still being light and refreshing.

If you didn’t know about the sushi selection at The Adelphi, now you do.

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