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Din Dins at Henry Street Tap Room

January 18, 2013

I’ve had it on my list to visit Henry Street Tap Room since day one. Besides the fact that they serve food, they obviously have a pretty outstanding selection of beers and they serve a variety of specialty cheeses. Beer is one of my favorite beverages, cheese is my favorite food. BOOM – I knew it was destiny.

We walked in and were seated very quickly, but also very closely to another couple. The seating is okay, but everything at night is very dim and feels very… tight. Nonetheless, it was nice to get a seat at such a busy place so quickly. The waitress was very attentive at first to get our drink orders, but then didn’t return for our food orders for a good 12-15 minutes. I was hungry.

After a look over of the menu, there were a couple items that stood out to me:

Sandwiches at Henry Street Taproom

All four of these sandwiches were hard to choose from, but I was almost positive I wanted to go with the Free Range Chicken Club. Well, that was until I saw this..

Duck confit quesadilla

Yeah you better believe I went with the Duck Confit Quesadilla. What is there not to love about that description – chevre, chive infused sour cream and did I mention duck confit?!?!

Duck Confit Quesadilla

Beautiful creation, perfectly browned blue corn tortillas and a light and colorful dipping mixture. Couldn’t go wrong with this… but I did. The chevre really took over the flavor train and I could not even taste the precious duck confit that I was so looking forward to. On the bright side, the sour cream and pickled cucumbers were delicious!

When I return, which I will, I will most definitely order the Venison Chili. This is because my boyfriend ordered it and it was unbelievably good. Salivating just thinking about it.

Venison Chili

Grass-fed venison, melted cheese and jalapeno corn bread. Go there and try it, please.

In the end, the beer was awesome, the waitress kind of sucked, my food was good but Tim’s was the superior of the two dishes. Can’t wait to give it another go in the future, but for now, it’s case closed.

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