Chef Colose Back to The Wine Bar

January 18, 2018

Photo courtesy of The Wine Bar of Saratoga

I’m SO pleased to announce that one of my favorite chefs is returning to the Saratoga restaurant scene. Chef Dominic Colose is coming BACK to The Wine Bar!

According to his latest blog post (which if you don’t read already, you really should…), he has been working out his agreement with The Wine Bar last week and will officially be returning as their Chef.

If you weren’t aware, Colose was the Chef at The Wine Bar for many years, and left his position just two years ago to pursue other endeavors. 

Colose has a pretty extensive background in the industry, and isn’t afraid to take risks in the kitchen (which I love.) He cooks with flair, something that is much needed in the Saratoga food scene.

Hopefully everyone is as excited as I am about this announcement!

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