Changes in Saratoga

July 18, 2018

It’s almost the start of another track season, and whether you’re a local or a visitor, there are some big changes that have come to the spa city that you should be aware of. 

With restaurants almost always coming and going in Saratoga, here’s a run down of what’s new, what’s changed, and what has closed within the past year.


Saratoga’s Broadway Deli

I just blogged about this last week, but Saratoga’s Broadway Deli is now open right behind Kilwin’s at 420 Broadway, Suite 2. 

Taverna Novo

Taverna Novo opened late spring at 62 Beekman, serving outstanding Italian food.

Nomad Coffee – 

This cute little coffee and crepe restaurant on Main Street in Ballston Spa is run by an 18 year old and his Dad. Love it. 

El Cilantro – 

Tucked away in Ballston Spa, El Cilantro is a mexican restaurant serving up authentic Oaxaqueño cuisine. Located at 388 Milton Ave (it’s almost directly behind Alaturco off of Route 50), this is a must try!

The Blue Hen – 

Back in December, another restaurant by The Adelphi Group opened at 365 Broadway. The Blue Hen is an upscale restaurant (just like the other Adelphi Group eateries) and the interior is totally Instagram-worthy.

Wasabi – 

All you can eat sushi say whaaaaaaaat?!?! Yes, Wasabi is an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. It’s located at 63 Putnam Street and it has a great covered patio that’s great for rainy OR sunny days.


The Wine Bar – 

Since last summer, the old sheriff (or chef) Dominic Colose is back in the kitchen, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. This guy cooks a MEAN lamb chop, along with everything else on his menu. 

Cantina – 

They said goodbye to their old location and moved down the street to 408 Broadway (literally on the other side of The Washington Building). Cantina 2.0 is bigger, trendier and busier. If you plan to dine there this summer, make reservations now.

Hamlet & Ghost – 

After the devastating fire that destroyed part of Hamlet & Ghost on Thanksgiving, 2016, most of last summer they didn’t have a fully operating kitchen. Now, not only do they have an awesome, open concept kitchen with a “chefs table” dining style counter, but they also have additional seating as they expanded into the retail space next to their original location.

Wired Coffee – 

If you’re a big coffee fan and often are willing to head a little outside of Saratoga to Wired Coffee in Malta, you should know that they moved to a new location, just a little down Route 9 to 2443 U.S. 9. Sitwell Plaza, Malta.


Lake Local**

This is a TEMPORARY closing, but Lake Local suffered a damaging fire a few months back, and sadly wasn’t able to open this summer because of it. They have plans to rebuild, though! Unfortunately construction won’t be done for a while.

Villa Balsamo**

It has come to my attention that Villa Balsamo will NOT be opening this summer, which is seriously one of the most depressing things I’ve learned recently. For those who don’t know, the restaurant off of Route 50 is only open for a short period of time each year (during racing season), but they’re taking this summer off. WAH.

Park Side Eatery

Sadly this past spring, we said goodbye to Park Side Eatery, one of my favorite places to get breakfast and the only place locally to get doughnuts. 

One Caroline

Abruptly and without much notice, One Caroline (at 1 Caroline Street) closed their doors this past spring. This was a tough loss for a lot of us locals, and they’ll certainly be missed by visitors this summer.

Circus Cafe

This past fall, downtown lost Circus Cafe and all the whimsical joy it brought to the inner child in all of us. The restaurant space has recently been purchased, and a new eatery is opening soon.

The Merry Monk

If you loved the mussels at Merry Monk, I feel for you. The restaurant that was open on Henry Street for the past five years is now closed.


If you put two and two together, you’d know that Wasabi (the all you can eat place) is now operating in the old Izumi.

I may or may not have missed some changes, but WHEW that was a lot. We lost some good ones this year, but we also gained some awesome ones and for that, I am thankful! 

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