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Celebrating Mom at 50 South

May 16, 2012
Mother’s Day brunch. You know you’ve done it before, whether it was a home cooked meal for mom or a fancy schmansy buffet at $30 – $40 a piece. Either way, this is pretty much expected by mom on the day we celebrate the wonderful woman in our lives who brought us life. This Mother’s Day, my siblings and I skipped the tripping over each other in the kitchen and brought our mom to 50 South.

50 South is a place very close to our hearts. First of all, Kim Klopstock (owner and chef at 50 South) catered my brother’s recent wedding which was stellar. Second, she’s brought this restaurant to life with her creative culinary dishes and use of local produce and vendors in everything she creates. For these reasons, it’s easy to love the place. Oh right, and the food tastes pretty good too.

Getting back to the Mother’s Day festivities, the menu offered two options, the brunch buffet for $20 per person which is very reasonable, especially for Mother’s Day, or anything off of the regular menu. While everyone in my family opted for the buffet, I of course had to be difficult and order off of the menu. I chose the western omelet, with ham, diced onion, green peppers and cheddar cheese.

50 South Western Omelet

I’ve gotta admit, for $8 dollars it doesn’t get much better than this. This omelet was enormous, I would say at least 3-4+ eggs made up that bad boy. Not to mention the egg was super fluffy and the perfect texture for an omelet. The inside was abundant with sharp and tangy cheddar cheese and the veggies and ham were flavorful but not terribly overpowering. I also would like to point out the homemade salsa on the side which was great on it’s own. I’m not one to dip my omelet’s in things, but I found myself eating the salsa just with a fork. Weird? Nahhhh

In addition to my meal, my family was quite pleased with their buffet selections, including KK’s famous french toast, smoked salmon, fresh fruit, bacon, sausage and so much more. It’s no secret that my mom had an AWESOME mother’s day and I’d like to give partial credit to 50 South and partial credit to her favorite child, me!

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there!

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