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Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with Hofmanns

July 20, 2013

**GUEST BLOG POST by Tim Schmidt:

I am what some affectionately call a curmudgeon.  That does not mean that I am picky when it comes to eating, I will eat just about anything, but it does mean that I am very selective in what I rave about.  So it may come as odd that one of the foods I most often and passionately boast about is a hot dog.  In fact, I feel as though calling this specific hot dog a hot dog just isn’t right because all of those other wieners that we refer to as “hot dogs” have sullied that good name.

Growing up in Central New York, there were few things that resonated with summer time like a Hofmann hot dog, also known as a German Frank.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “Hot dogs? From Central New York?” But this is Saratoga Food Fanatic, and I believe it’s my civic duty to introduce all of you sorry saps that have not had the pleasure of biting into a Hofmann Hot Dog to this summer’s real blockbuster.  For the first time, Hofmanns, hailing from Syracuse, are now available in Saratoga and throughout the Capitol Region.  Trust me readers, this is a BIG deal, everything you have ever thought about a hot dog will be completely revolutionized by this development!

If you think I’m making too big of a deal about a new hot dog brand in the area  then you clearly have never sunk your teeth into the natural casing of a Hofmann and have only eaten the over processed tastes of Ball Park Franks, and that is just bologna. HA!  Hofmanns, as I said, are made with a natural casing, and inside that snappy goodness is an actual meat taste, because get this – their actually made with real meat! That’s right, pork, veal and beef make up 98% of what is inside of a Hofmann, all that other stuff just accounts for 2%.  Now compare that to your Nathans, well actually don’t, it may make you sick.

With a Hofmann you can actually taste how natural the ingredients are.  You taste meat, not salts and overly processed flavors.  Pretty soon your grill and your mouth will have a new best friend, and burgers will have a life-long partner at all of your cookouts, because once you try a Hofmann there is no going back to those other hot dogs, and I use that term loosely.

Now do yourself a favor and buy the big packs as pictured below, don’t buy the shrink pack, that’s just a rookie mistake as the flavor is not at all the same, you’re just doing yourself and every single one of your taste buds a disservice if you go with the shrink wrap pack.

Hofmann Hot Dogs

I like my Hofmanns with nothing but yellow mustard, sometimes I may get crazy and throw some relish on it, but to be honest the less you put on a Hofmann the more taste you get out of it.  But no matter what you put on it, understand that it will be a hot dog experience like you have never had before.  They may be called German Franks, but they taste 100% American, and soon they will go hand in hand with summer time for you just like baseball and Crackerjacks.  Happy National Hot Dog Day, America!

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  • Reply Z dubs July 23, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    As somewhat of a bon vivant myself, I too agree that the Hofmann supersedes any of those other reprobative wieners. Nothing beats the snap of a good old American cookout staple found solely in the Hofmann. To compare anything else is an absurdity. Thanks Tim!

  • Reply Mark July 23, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    It seems like every city has a local favorite. In Rochester, it’s Zweigels and they are similar to Hoffmans in quality. What store is stocking the Hoffman’s in Saratoga?
    My fav is still Hebrew National, but I do enjoy the white hots.

    • Reply Tim July 25, 2013 at 9:19 am

      I understand this perception that everyone is a “Homer” for their local dogs, but I went to college on Rochester and can tell you that Zweigels are not on the same level as Hofmanns, everyone I have exposed them to in the Saratoga Area has immediately claimed that they are the best hot dogs they have ever had. They are available at most Price Choppers, and I highly suggest you try one.

      Thank you for the comment!

  • Reply Jackie July 24, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    As a Syracuse native, I’m similarly dismissive of hot dogs that aren’t Hofmanns. I once declared that I would not eat any hot dogs other than Hofmanns, and one of my friends scoffed and asked what I had done for the six years I lived in Pennsylvania. It was simple, I said. I just did not eat hot dogs.

  • Reply Amber July 27, 2013 at 12:58 am

    I too was born and raised in the ‘cuse. Nothing hurt me more than when Heid’s in Liverpool (my dad took us there often) switch owners and they stopped serving Hoffman’s. HOW DARE THEY. Hoffman’s is what made that place so famous. I believe that is why Hoffman’s House restaurants popped up everywhere. But still, they lacked the history of Heids.

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