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Brunch at Max London’s

February 11, 2013

After being totally chowdered out for the past week, I’m finally back at it with a new review! When it comes to the weekends, there are a few things that get me excited. First and foremost, I get to hang out with my dog a lot more (total loser, I know) and I get to drink bloody mary’s all I want. I’m sure you remember way back this summer when I was raving about the bloody mary mix over at Saratoga Salsa and Spice, well I pretty much go around to Saratoga restaurants now trying to find a good handmade bloody mary that compares.

Enter my beverage from Max London’s:

Max London's Bloody Mary

Oh yes, it sure was as good as it looks. This classic bloody mary was $9 and worth every penny. What was so great about it? Well.. it was tangy and spicy with enough oomph to wake you up on a Sunday morning and make you feel great, especially for you party animals who like to hit Caroline Street hard on the weekends.

In addition to the bloody mary, the brunch menu at Max London’s is pretty stellar. What’s awesome about them is that they switch up their daily specials for brunch so if you like to try things a little out of the ordinary, they keep it fresh for you! This time, just like I went classic with the drink, I went with a classic breakfast staple – the croissant breakfast sandwich.

Max London's Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

For $8.50, this beautiful sandwich came on a flaky, buttery croissant with scrambled eggs, fontina cheese and smoked ham. I ate it all, and some of my boyfriends. Boom.

Max London’s is one of my favorites in town, because the atmosphere is always great, the service never disappoints, and the food is on point at all times. Have you been to Max London’s for brunch before? Share your experiences with me!

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