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Birthday Weekend Getaway: Boston, Massachusetts

June 23, 2015
Ashley Birthday

With my birthday last week, Timmy Jim asked the always tough question of what I wanted as a gift.

As usual, I thought long and hard about it, because, well, you only get one birthday wish a year.

Now that I’m getting older, I find experiences much more exciting than material gifts, and because of that, I decided I wanted to visit Boston for the weekend.

Originally I had chosen NYC, but since I’ve never really explored Boston, I wanted to give it a shot.

So we ventured out on Friday from Saratoga to Boston and by 6pm I found myself on the rooftop bar at the Residence Inn at Fenway overlooking the city.

As my {stylish} poncho was swaying in the wind, I also had my list of destinations written down for dinner that night. Okay, maybe not written down, but they were all on my phone and ready to be put to the test.

We ended up at the Island Creek Oyster Bar in the Back Bay area, where we enjoyed some of the greatest oysters I’ve ever tasted alongside a fantastic piece of halibut. But the way the meal ended was the best part.

Picture this: sweet corn ice cream.

That’s right… We had ice cream made with corn, with actual corn kernels in each bite. It was like taking a bite into the sweetest, buttery corn on the cob and then getting a creamy, soft burst of sugary sweetness.

So creative and SO surprisingly delicious. Someone around here – PLEASE try to make this. I need more of it in my life.

We also visited other restaurants and eateries during our trip (most of them pictured below) for dinner and treats! I got to see my old college roommate and walked around what my legs thought were the entire city, but in reality probably 2/3 of it. I was definitely getting stared down when I was taking my food pictures, so I didn’t take them EVERYWHERE we went, but I tried my hardest to snap some good ones for you guys.

We went to the following places:

  • Island Creek Oyster Bar
  • The Bleacher Bar
  • Boston Beer Works
  • 75 Chesnut
  • Modern Pastry
  • The Green Dragon
  • Mike’s Pastry
  • Carmelina’s
  • Rabia’s

So with that said, here’s a look back to my awesome weekend getaway in New England —
Island Creek Oyster Bar
Island Creek Oyster Bar
Island Creek Oyster Bar

halibut at island creek oyster bar
halibut from island creek oyster bar
Bleacher Bar
75 Chesnut in Boston, Mass
Modern Pastry
Oldest Bar in America
Sight Seeing in Boston, Mass

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