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A True Gem: Rocco’s On Main

December 6, 2017

If I could describe my feelings about this experience in one word, it would be wow. For so many reasons.

Wow – how could I have not been to this restaurant sooner?

Wow – the food was outstanding.

Wow – why are more people not talking about this restaurant?

Wow – when can I go back again?

Last weekend for my mom’s birthday, she chose to go somewhere we’ve never been to as a family. For me, it’s surprising how many restaurants I haven’t been to in the capital region, but there are some that have been at the top of my list for a long time and I just haven’t made the time to go.

Rocco’s on Main in Clifton Park is one of those places.

Once it was decided we’d be going there, the more I dove into their menu online – as I do with most places I’m going. See, I’m a terrible decision maker, so if I don’t go in with a slight plan, I’m doomed. 

There were a few items that caught my attention, including the Fregola Sarda y Vongole, Pork Tenderloin Roulade and the Brick Chicken. Honestly though, everything on this menu made my mouth water, and it only intensified once we sat down at the restaurant.

This place is super cool, with a rustic farmhouse/modern vibe. Imagine if Chip and Joanna Gaines were to do a restaurant – that’s the feel I got from it, but with an upscale twist.

I kicked things off with a ceasar salad because I’m traditional like that.

FYI – this portion is pretty large, so if pre-entree salad is your thing, I’d consider splitting this.

Because my body couldn’t live without mashed potatoes this particular night, I ventured for the Brick Chicken as my entree, which was a really big decision for me.

I may have mentioned this in the past, but I am like the queen of making chicken at home. I can make chicken in SO many ways, and it’s always delicious. Not to toot my own horn or anything (toot toot), but it’s true.

So the idea of ordering chicken at a restaurant seems silly to me now, but when it’s brick chicken, I usually can’t resist. And when it’s paired with garlic whipped potatoes, I’m trapped.

This brick chicken was so perfect, I felt like I was teleported into a different dimension.

The skin was SO crispy and salty, the meat was exceptionally tender and juicy, and with the bitterness of the broccoli rabe and the sweet and savory elements of the garlic whipped potatoes, my eyes rolled to the back of my head like four times after that first bite.

I would get this dish one million more times, but what’s great is that I got to taste the pork chop special that night, as well as the shrimp and grits. And let me tell you, both of those dishes were equally as impressive.

One other thing worth mentioning: affordability.

Rocco’s on Main is so incredibly well-priced. The food is top notch, and the entree prices range from $22-$37, with the chicken coming in at $22. 

Worth. every. penny.

If I could make one recommendation from all of this, it would be to get your butts to Rocco’s and understand what you’ve been missing out on (if you haven’t been already.)

I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Learn more about Rocco’s here.

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