A Loss in the Capital Region, A New Light in Saratoga

May 8, 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to have two polar opposite stories in one article, but I have the flu and I need to write while my brain is functioning and the soup is flowing in my house.

I just read that Daniel Berman of Fussy Little Blog will be moving away from the area at the end of June/Early July. Daniel has been an enormous force in the food industry in the capital region for as long as I can remember, and long before Saratoga Food Fanatic came to be. Daniel has always been honest and straight forward, bringing forward thought-provoking articles about local food and beyond.

On a personal level, I’ve crossed paths with him many times, from judging events together to him personally calling me and providing TONS of information when I was just getting started with SFF. He’s truly a great person.

To say I’m sad to see him go is an understatement. Daniel and Fussy Little Blog does something that I could never do, and I feel so fortunate that we’ve had him in our pockets for as long as we have to provide insight and knowledge about everything food and drink locally.

If you haven’t before, be sure to read his posts before they’re gone!

In other news, Chef Dominic Colose (formerly of The Wine Bar) is working on his own gig, which is very exciting for those in the Saratoga area. Everyone knows I’m a HUGE fan of Dominic and his skills. He’s really one of the greatest chefs we’ve had in the area, and I’m really looking forward to his new place.

In a blog posted yesterday, he gave us just a little taste of what he’s working on:

“I’ll be serving well-crafted Mediterranean plates in a contemporary and creative style using the flavors of Morocco, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, France, Algeria, Syria, and Israel.  Each dish will not necessarily be from one country, but will express the ingredients, techniques, and tastes of the region.”

There’s a lot left to finalize, but you better believe I’ll be following this closely to learn more!

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