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2 West Ave Bar & Grille is Now Open

January 26, 2016

Saratoga is always full of rollercoaster news and grand openings, and of course this week is no different. Rather than this piece being news-centric, it’s opening-centric!

2 West Ave Bar & Grille (located at 2 West Ave) is officially open, beginning tonight.

Their menu, which hasn’t been publicly posted yet, will offer many similar items at their sister restaurant, BWP.

According to their Facebook page, “2 West Bar & Grille will feature the favorites currently served at BWP (all natural burgers, hand-tossed pizzas, New York craft beers) plus offer Express fresh made to order items such as hand-tossed salads, artisanal pizzas, and wraps. In addition to the Express made to order items, 2 West Express will have healthful “grab & go” options and snack packs for those of us on the run. Similar to Beer Wine Pizza, 2 West Bar & Grille will have plenty of big screen TVs for game viewing, outdoor dining, and a comfortable bar with a modern feel. Owners Tim and Colleen Holmes are excited to bring a local hang-out place to the West side of Saratoga to serve the residents, locals and thriving business community.”

Here’s a peek at some of their menu items, including cheese curds, wings, steak, and halibut!

cheese curds

Wings from 2 West

steak from 2 west


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