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15 Church Patio is What Summer Dreams are Made Of

July 25, 2019

Despite the heat wave we experienced last week, the temperatures at night this summer have been pretty stellar.

And what better way to celebrate great weather than to dine outside and enjoy it while we can?

Wine + food + good weather is literally my favorite combination. On a recent evening when I was in the mood to grab a meal outside, we embarked on 15 Church for the first time this summer to see if there was any chance we could get a table.

You know what I love? When we show up just as a reservation is cancelled. That’s my favorite. And that’s what happened this night.

Good thing I shot up the stairs and beat the people walking in before us (HA!)

Anyway, you all know my affinity for 15 Church, and the patio is no different. I was in the mood for pasta (because, always) and as soon as I saw the Lobster Fra Diavolo, I knew it was meant to be.

Lobster Fra Diavolo
Rigatoni, spicy pomodoro, breadcrumbs

Along with a glass of red wine, this is true happiness.

The lobster was simple and succulent, the pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, and the tomato sauce had just the right amount of kick to not overwhelm but added some heat to my taste buds.

Tim ordered the scallops naturally, and as always they were decadent.

15 Church Scallops
Asian mango purée, citrus napa cabbage slaw, sugar snap peas, crispy wontons

Sweetness and acidity created a nice balance while the cabbage slaw, snap peas & wontons created an abundance of textures to compliment the soft and delicate scallops.

Honorable mentions that I’ve gotten before but didn’t get this night:

Spaghetti Pomodoro 

Vegetarian Lo Mein

If you’re able to make reservations (or even as a walk-in), get yourself a cocktail, a glass of wine with dinner and an amazing meal. It really doesn’t matter what you order at 15 Church, it’s always going to be great.

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