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This Summer Season, Kindness Wins

July 8, 2021

With the Saratoga Springs Race Course opening up one week from today (July 15, 2021), I figured now would be a great time to remind everyone to be kind to one another.

Whether it’s to strangers on the streets, our incredible and hardworking restaurant workers, local business owners/employees, and visitors to the city… just be kind. Remember, we ALL just went through a really crappy time. No one was exempt from COVID, and each person was impacted differently.

I, for one, am approaching this summer with gratitude that we’re even able to do the things we all enjoy, explore the attractions this city has to offer (and beyond), and get to spend time with the people we love and care about again.

So with that said, I ask that you please be nice to your fellow humans. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s to not take anything for granted. Behave that way!


Your Saratoga Food Fanatic

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