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The Best Halloween Treats To Try

October 28, 2015

Even at a young age, Halloween was never really my thing. I remember being a pain in the butt about dressing up and at the end of the night when my brother, sister and I would trade our candy (of course I negotiated like a boss), I usually just ended up giving the candy to my dad.

Now that’s not saying I wasn’t into the candy… I just disliked the holiday as a whole, and the big bag of candy that ended up sitting in the corner of my closet so my brother and sister wouldn’t steal it lost its appeal quickly.

Looking back now and still not being a huge fan of the holiday, I will say that there are some Halloween treats worth celebrating for. Here are some of my absolute favorite Halloween treats, just in time for National Chocolate Day (WOO!)

Peanut Butter Cup

All hail the beautiful combination of chocolate and peanut butter. There’s literally nothing I’d rather have with chocolate than peanut butter. If you’re not a fan of peanut butter cups, I feel like you need to have your palate evaluated.

Sad, but true story… back in my college days I used to dip oreo’s in a jar of peanut butter. As a snack.

Sorry, it’s just a heavenly combination, and while my current metabolism doesn’t allow for me to snack on oreo’s and peanut butter anymore, those memories still live on fondly in my taste buds.

Anyway, out of all the Halloween candy I used to get, the peanut butter cup was always my favorite, and typically the one candy I held on to (sorry dad!)


Sure, this is just another peanut butter and chocolate combo. But it’s not. It’s so much more.

The butterfinger gives you opportunity for eating the chocolate first and then the peanut butter flavored center second, or both at the same time. The only thing that’s negative about a butterfinger is how easily it sticks to your teeth, resulting in having to pick at your mouth frequently during the eating process.

But hey, that’s never stopped me from enjoying a butterfinger on Halloween, nor should it stop you!


Let’s be serious. There’s a special place in all of our hearts for snickers bars, whether they’re fun size or full size. Frozen, melted, whatever way you prefer, this is a clear winner.

Chocolate, caramel, peanuts, heaven. All of the things I want in my life on a daily basis, are in this one small candy bar.

There you have it folks, those are the three mainstream candy bars that make Halloween worth while.

What are your favorite Halloween candies? Comment below!

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