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    2 West Ave Bar & Grille is Now Open

    January 26, 2016

    Saratoga is always full of rollercoaster news and grand openings, and of course this week is no different. Rather than this piece being news-centric, it’s opening-centric! 2 West Ave Bar & Grille (located at 2 West Ave) is officially open, beginning tonight. Their menu, which hasn’t been publicly posted yet, will offer many similar items at their sister restaurant, BWP. According to their Facebook page, “2 West Bar & Grille will feature the favorites currently served at BWP (all natural…

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    It’s Saturday, Eat This: Jan 9, 2016

    My weekly food feature is BACK and better than ever! It’s Saturday, you’re hungover, and you want to go eat something delicious. Maybe even grab a drink to recover, right? This Saturday, I recommend…

    January 9, 2016
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    Spa City Trifecta Grand Opening

    You may have seen some scattered posts of mine on Instagram from Spa City Trifecta (aka The Pink Store) over the past couple of months and it’s because I went and I FEASTED, especially…

    January 6, 2016
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    Leon’s to Close; To Reopen in New Location

    This morning I received an inbox message on my Facebook page from a reader asking if I knew anything about Leon’s Restaurant closing. After my own Facebook post about it to my online community,…

    November 17, 2015
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    Maestro’s Sold, To Become High-End Steakhouse

    Boy oh boy, do I have some news for you guys. I just received a phone call from Maestro’s owner, Bill Donovan informing me that Maestro’s Restaurant has officially been sold. Okay so for…

    October 30, 2015
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    A Fresh New Menu at The Wine Bar

    The Wine Bar has been on my mind lately. For one because I absolutely love Chef Dominic Colose’s blog, and secondly, because I don’t think they always get the recognition they deserve. But I’ll…

    May 13, 2015
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    What is South Broadway Drive-In?

    I drive past Ice Cream Man pretty often, but for some reason I haven’t noticed since Papa John’s left the spot next to it. And NOW? Now there’s a sign up that says “South…

    April 24, 2015
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    It’s Patio Season!

    Guess what time of the year it is? It’s patio season! Well… it might not be totally warm enough outside to sit on the restaurant patio’s every day, but the good news? They’re set…

    April 7, 2015
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    Happy New Year from Saratoga Food Fanatic

    2013 has been an absolutely amazing year for me. Not only have I continued to build my Food Fanatic following, but I’ve also made some SERIOUS changes in my life and have dedicated myself…

    December 31, 2013