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    Max London’s Introduces New Cocktail

    February 9, 2016

    Kicking off Mardi Gras the right way, Max London’s is offering this classic New Orleans cocktail for Mardi Gras – the New Orleans Cocktail (Vieux Carré). “This cocktail is certainly a great way to “go big” before the Lenten season and it’s currently being offered on their winter cocktail menu. Named for the French Quarter in New Orleans (a.k.a. the Vieux Carré), this sophisticated, spirits-driven cocktail represents the Big Easy very well – a fun and potent blend of diverse…

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    It’s Saturday, Eat This: Jan 9, 2016

    My weekly food feature is BACK and better than ever! It’s Saturday, you’re hungover, and you want to go eat something delicious. Maybe even grab a drink to recover, right? This Saturday, I recommend…

    January 9, 2016
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    Dinner at Max London’s

    After giving away advice to a reader recently to make a visit to Max London’s, I realized that it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve eaten there, and never reviewed their dinner service.…

    December 6, 2013
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    Brunch at Max London’s

    After being totally chowdered out for the past week, I’m finally back at it with a new review! When it comes to the weekends, there are a few things that get me excited. First…

    February 11, 2013