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    Saratoga Wine and Food Festival, Part One

    September 10, 2012

    The Saratoga Wine and Food Festival is by far my favorite event of the fall. With last year being my first year attending the festival (solely due to it being the first year I wasn’t in college and could legally drink), I knew it was the first of many many years to come. When it comes to food and wine, I think it’s a given that I’m absolutely in my element. Sure, I may not be a wine connoisseur and…

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    You Rock My Socks, Mio Posto

    There’s not a single bad review online thus far for Mio Posto and now I know why. They do nothing but create the most exquisite, incredibly decadent meals and I can say with confidence…

    July 14, 2012
  • Restaurant Reviews

    Wheatfields Stole My Heart, Again

    Wheatfields of Saratoga is not only an excellent restaurant, but in fact it is the place where my interest in food turned into my greatest passion.  For one summer I worked in that kitchen,…

    April 5, 2012