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    The Best Way to Pair Cheese and Wine

    March 21, 2016

    I pretty much love cheese any day of the week. Monday night? Sure. Tuesday? Great. Wednesday? Even better. Basically any day that ends in d-a-y works for me. But when it comes to putting together a cheese plate, I’m all about finding the right night with friends and/or family to test out different varieties of cheeses and blindly pair them with different wines and let my taste buds do the work. But how do you go about choosing the cheese?…

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  • Events

    Saratoga Wine and Food Festival, Part One

    The Saratoga Wine and Food Festival is by far my favorite event of the fall. With last year being my first year attending the festival (solely due to it being the first year I…

    September 10, 2012
  • Restaurant Reviews

    The Living Room – Eat and Relax

    The recent opening of The Living Room at 30 Caroline Street has gotten a lot of people talking. Whether it's their unique layout, different menu options or friendly staff, I like their swagger.…

    June 12, 2012