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Rolling with Embossed Co.

July 21, 2020

Who else LOVES pie in the summertime? Well, I guess I love buy all year round, but there’s something about some berry or apple pie in the heat of summer that just hits differently.

Last weekend, I was determined to use up my tote of empire apples and make us a lattice pie. But not just any old lattice pie… one using this awesome embossed rolling pin from Embossed Co.

Just about a year ago, you might remember I wrote about Moscow Mule mugs that kept drinks frosty and delicious. Well, the same owners sought out another venture and created Embossed Co!

These rolling pins are embossed with a variety of designs, including snowflakes, reindeer, leaves, paw prints, floral, and paisley. While some are definitely more holiday-themed, I wanted to try the paisley print to see what cool designs I could put on pies and cookies this summer!

Naturally I bought pie crust because I’m not trying to be an overachiever, but look at how pretty that print is from the rolling pin!

My one takeaway is that I probably could’ve pressed into the dough a BIT more to make the print more noticeable, but it still made for a beautiful presentation.

The paisley print can definitely be used in the summer/fall and maybe even winter, but I LOVE the holiday-themed patterns too (check the snowflake one on their website.)

These make for a great gift heading into the fall and holiday season, and it’s never too early to think ahead. I mean… who doesn’t love getting people checked off their list in July??!

Learn more about Embossed Co. and get yourself a pin by visiting their website here!

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