New Year’s Eve at Home

December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

If you’re a hermit like me, your plans might be more in line with staying in and ordering out compared to the getting dressed up and going out kind of night. Okay so maybe I’m not a hermit, but I do like to stay in the comfort of my own home, and New Year’s Eve is the perfect night for that.

I’m writing today to help all of you who are with me on this staying at home and celebrating the New Year in style (and comfort), but still wanting to have a kick ass time.

Here are some fun ideas for take out and cooking at home on New Year’s Eve:

Make Your Own Pizza

Sure, you could order pizza. But do you really want to spend your last day of the year stuffing your face with greasy, cheesy goodness? Uhhh… yeah, so take out and making your own are BOTH options here. Whether you feel like spending some time with family or friends and making a mess in the kitchen or keeping it easy and just ordering, pizza is perfect for ringing in 2016.

Make a TON of Apps

Who needs a main meal when you can have lots of little meals. Apps are awesome, especially when you’re drinking all night long. Get some pigs in a blanket, always make sure you have multiple dips on hand (taco dip, hummus, queso, etc), and then some lighter options like shrimp cocktail or a crudites platter.

Order Family Style Meals

Don’t feel like fussing in the kitchen? Easy, order some family style dinners. Augie’s is a great option for this, as their portions are huge and can generally feed four people (usually more). Get some pasta dishes, some meat based dishes, and maybe something for the vegetarians like eggplant. BONUS: The pasta will also come in handy for soaking up the booze everyone will be drinking throughout the night!

That’s all I’ve got for you today. It’s the last day of the year and my brain is a little foggy. I wish you all a VERY happy and safe New Year’s Eve, and a healthy 2016! Until next year… xoxo

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