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Health BEFORE the Holidays with 9 Miles East

December 17, 2018

What’s trending on social media more than holiday shopping? Holiday HEALTH. 

I swear every other post I see on Facebook and Instagram are about how to cut carbs during the holidays, swapping traditional eggnog for a lighter version, and opting for the sugar free gingerbread cookies over the sugar-filled sugar cookies.

You know what I think? That way of living is lame. The holidays can be about indulging, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. 

I often get asked what my secret is for being able to eat sooooo much and still manage to fit in my jeans from college. Well, it’s more so about my lifestyle and how I choose to eat 80% of the time than how much I workout.

Growing up, I always loved my vegetables. In fact, if we didn’t have at least two veggies on our plates at dinner time, it didn’t feel complete. Now as an adult, I still focus mostly on the amount of vegetables I’m eating and eating whole, real foods.

That’s why partnering with 9 Miles East is never a question for me. They follow the same mission I do – eat your veggies and WHOLE foods and you’ll nourish your body without really thinking about it. We’re talking vegetables, whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, and legumes like pinto and black beans.

Eating this way just means you’ll have extra room for any guilty pleasures without feeling guilty (because no one should feel guilty about indulging in something they love.)

With the 9 Miles East Home Delivery, you’ll receive healthy, ready-to-eat meals delivered directly to your home in their specialized cooler on a day that works best for you. I mean… look at all that food above. IT’S A LOT OF GOODNESS.

Here are more details from their website:

Weekly meal plans from 9 Miles East Farm make it easy for busy modern households to enjoy healthy food.  Several meal formats are available to suit your dietary preferences, and we accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, and Paleo nutritional profiles. Delivery radius includes the entire Capital Region (Saratoga Springs, Troy, Delmar, Albany, Schenectady and Queensbury, plus points in between) and the Greater Boston Area.

Unlike meal kits, our experienced chefs do the cooking for you with high-quality local and organic ingredients. No assembly (or dishes) required. Your cooler will be delivered to your home on the same day and at approximately the same time each week.  You don’t need to be home when we deliver. Packaging is reusable and recyclable. 

Here’s the best part: They’re bringing back my discount code for your first delivery. 
Receive 30% off using the code FANATIC at checkout. 
Whether you love eating healthy already or you’re hoping to add more veggies into your diet in 2019, there’s no better time and the present to start nourishing your body with whole foods. The meals I chose this time are mostly vegetarian, but they offer some amazing meat-focused options too! 

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