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    Healthy Eats with 9 Miles East

    June 24, 2018

    Can I be honest about something? I’m not a fan of cooking in the summer. I don’t know what it is specifically – whether it’s the heat and me refusing to make my kitchen 1 million degrees by turning on the oven, or my lack of concentration to focus long enough to figure out what to make for dinner. Either way… I don’t like it. That’s probably why I started this blog in the summer six years ago, because I…

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    Reviewing: Candi’s Creative Sweets

    Have I told you guys how much I love reviewing products? Especially when those products include cheesecake and cookies? Well that’s just what Candi’s Creative Sweets sells: Cheesecake and cookies. Offering a rotating selection…

    June 13, 2017
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    Product Review: The Empire Crate

    I don’t know about all of you, but holiday shopping is already overwhelming my brain. Finding the right gifts for friends and family has always been something that I struggle with, especially when it…

    November 13, 2016
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    The Best Way to Pair Cheese and Wine

    I pretty much love cheese any day of the week. Monday night? Sure. Tuesday? Great. Wednesday? Even better. Basically any day that ends in d-a-y works for me. But when it comes to putting…

    March 21, 2016
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    Product Review: Toga Nola

    Granola is one of the smartest breakfast concepts out there. Not only is it versatile, but it’s also super convenient for people on the go. Something that’s important to keep in mind, however, is…

    November 3, 2015