Breakfast is Served at Comfort Kitchen

June 19, 2022

Have you ever dreamt of a time when Comfort Kitchen would offer breakfast options just as good as their regular menu? Well, my friends… you’re in luck because the time has come.

Tuesday – Saturday from 9am – 12pm, Comfort Kitchen is open for breakfast with a menu featuring classics like pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, french toast, and more.

We wanted to try a variety of things, so we went for the Breakfast Tacos (scrambled eggs, peppers & onions, cheddar & salsa), Tartine (sourdough toast topped with scrambled eggs, avocado, and crunchy seeds), and a Blueberry Pancake.

Everything was absolutely delicious, but for me the true standout was the breakfast tacos.

Starting with lightly grilled flour tortilla and melted cheddar as a base, the soft scrambled eggs were a delicate accompaniment met by sweet sauteed onions and peppers and a fresh salsa that just popped. Every bite of these tacos just made me want more.

Of course, the Tartine was a close second, with a beautiful toasted sourdough bread and those soft scrambled eggs.

Crunchy seeds and avocado turned this into a super appealing “healthier” option for breakfast, plus the salad was light and refreshing.

And naturally, you can’t go wrong with a blueberry pancake served with butter and Vermont maple syrup. It was light and fluffy, just as it should be – and a sweet treat to start the day.

Tim has already requested we go back basically every day since we tried it last weekend, and I’m looking forward to enjoying their breakfast all summer long (and beyond!) A huge shout out to Comfort Kitchen for continuing to evolve and offer new and exciting meals for my (and everyone else’s) enjoyment.

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